Website Under Construction Shalom, Salam, Pax Vobiscum, Namaste, Sat Sri Akal... Peace be with you and welcome to the website of the Interfaith Alliance UK, a family of women and men from diverse faiths dedicated to the promotion of religious harmony for the public benefit. This website is currently undergoing major development, so please visit us again.

The Interfaith Alliance UK is a registered interfaith charity, with an extensive interfaith project profile. The IAUK is the lead contributor and developer of Scriptural Reasoning web resources in partnership with our sister charity, and likewise the developer of interfaith electronic resources and support for the Jewish-Muslim charity, Children of Abraham.

The charity is a member of the Inter Faith Network for the United Kingdom, and is governed by a Board of Trustees consisting of eminent clergy, lay people and academics from different faiths. The Covenant of the Interfaith Alliance UK, while not a legal document, expresses our cherished moral values as people of diverse faiths together, and is the standing order for membership.

The Interfaith Alliance UK was a leading partner in the Faith, Homophobia, Transphobia and Human Rights Conference in 2009 which brought together people of diverse faiths to promote understanding and respect for religious differences.

Events Programme The Interfaith Alliance UK hosted a successful public event entitled "WHY I AM STILL A LIBERAL BELIEVER" on Tuesday 6 July 2010 at 7.00pm, at St Anne's Church, 55 Dean Street, London W1D 6AF. The meeting was chaired by Rabbi Mark Solomon, and speakers included Rabbi Danny Rich, Chief Executive of Liberal Judaism, Dr Taj Hargey, Chair of the Muslim Educational Centre at Oxford and Mrs Sylvia Lucas, Lay Carmelite Order. The event was free of charge and well attended, with stimulating exchanges between the audience and speakers.

For national Inter Faith Week, the Interfaith Alliance UK will be holding an event entitled "FAITH AND FEMINISM" on Monday 22 November 2010 at 7.00pm at Liberal Judaism, the Montagu Centre, London W1T 4BE, with entry open to the public free of charge. The charity is developing an ongoing programme of events for the promotion of religious harmony.